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Rescue and security

The commune has on its territory sufficient material means for security and rescue  to individuals.

The security is insured on all the municipal territory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long with a squas of 25 municipal agents of municipal police. Recently, in order to prevent delinquency, the commune has equipped itself with a high performance video-protection system. 16 video cameras cover the public areas at the Teriimaevarua  sports complex in Vaitape’s center and in the schools of Nunue.

In the long run the commune plans to cover all the public areas as well as the schools of the associated communes of Faanui and Anau. The installation of a video protection command center doesn’t exclude the circulation of patrols on the field.

For rescue the commune has a rescue and firefighters center with a performing equipment (ambulance, tanker truck, etc…). A brigade of 15 volunteer firefighters is at the service of the population.. It has also  a plan of safeguard, allowing the authorities to take all the safeguard measures in case of natural catastrophes.

For all first aid in case of minor injury the commune has on its territory a dispensary and possesses the means of medical evacuation in case of serious accidents or others. A medical evacuation is directed either to Raiatea the next island, or either to Tahiti, by maritime way with the commune’s speedboat, or by air with the helicopter of a private company or on the domestic flights of the local air company. The heliport is located next to the Teriimaevarua sports complex.

These services of security, rescue, and medical interventions are indispensable considering the large number of residents and tourists staying on the island.

  • Local police station : 40 67 70 41
  • Firemen station : 18
  • National police station : 40 60 59 05
  • Infirmary : 40 67 70 77
  • Doctors : Dr DUVAL (40 67 67 07), Dr JUEN (40 67 70 52), Dr LOPEZ (40 60 36 36), Dr SEMERARO (40 67 70 62).