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The municipal services

Close to 200 persons work within the five departments of the City Hall which are: the services branch with the development and performance department (human resources, employment, land affairs, logistics and transports, secretariat and communication), the administrative and financial department (accountancy, civil status, central kitchen, cleanliness and public buildings), the technical and environmental department (works and infrastructures, road work, electricity, waters, mechanical, waste collecting, sanitation and embellishment, cleanliness, and public areas) and the public and civilian security (municipal police, voluntary firefighters).

The Bora Bora municipality was created in 1971 by the law n° 71-1028 of the 24th December 1971 concerning the creation and the organisation of the municipalities in French Polynesia. It is about 40 square Kilometers (islets included). In 2012, 9690 inhabitants were recorded.